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Download of catalog
blue tri Pressure Reducing Valves, Back Pressure Regulating Valves
blue tri Safety Relief Valves, Relief Valves
blue tri Temperature Regulating Valves
blue tri Expansion Joints
blue tri Level Switches for Hot/Cold Water
blue tri Silencers(Noiseless heaters)
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Download of catalog
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Pressure Reducing Valves  Back Pressure Regulating Valves  Sustaining Valves
Safety Relief Valves  Temperature Regulating Valves
Steam Traps & Air Trap  Expansion Joints  Automatic Air Vent Valves
Noiseless Heaters  Level Switches  Reference Material  get Adobe Reader
Download List
Product model name
(Large classification)
Folder name
Model, Data name
Pressure Reducing Valves(1) prv01
Index, etc. Individual contents, Reference material, Hybrid PRV
Pressure Reducing Valves(2) prv02
Steam P260_steam, P260-DHC, P260-1LFA, PHP30,
Pressure Reducing Valves(3) prv03
Gases(1) PPD41B, PPD41B-3_gas, PPD41L-3
Pressure Reducing Valves(4) prv04
Gases(2) PMD31_gas, P260_gas, PMD31L
Pressure Reducing Valves(5) prv05
Gases(3) PLG41, PLG61-2, PRL, 67R, PPD25
Pressure Reducing Valves(6) prv06
Liquid(1) PMD31_liquid, P100-3Y, P110-2S
Pressure Reducing Valves(7) prv07
Liquid(2) PPD41B-3_liquid, PPD48, PPD48F, PFD42, AW
Back Pressure Regulating Valves(1) bprv01
Index, steam Individual contents, B260, AWR
Hybrid Back PRV
Back Pressure Regulating Valves(2) bprv02
Gases RMD31_gas, RMD31L, RLG61-2, BRL
Back Pressure Regulating Valves(3) bprv03
Liquid RMD31_liquid, RPD52-2, RFD42
Sustaining Valves sus_v
  Individual contents,
RMD31, RMD31D, RFD42, RFD42D, SFD42
Safety Relief Valves(1) srv01
Index, etc. Individual contents, Manufacture range list, Reference material
Safety Relief Valves(2) srv02
  RPF12, RPF13, RPS16, RPS17, RPC14,
R101-1BHA, RPN6B
Temperature Regulating Valves(1) trv01
Index, etc. Individual contents, Reference material,
Temperature Regulating Valves(2) trv02
  T88, T88R, TL10H, BW5
Steam Traps & Air Trap trap
  Individual contents,
HBS20, HMS40, B-10C, BFF27, BLF10, B-10A
Expansion Joints(1) exp_j01
Index, etc. Individual contents, Reference material
Expansion Joints(2) exp_j02
  JOB30T, JOB31T, JOB40, JOB41,
J102, J104-2
Automatic Air Vent Valves air_vent
  Individual contents,
A113-1MCA, AAS40
Noiseless Heaters n_heater
  Individual contents, F, S
Level Switches level_s
  Individual contents,
Reference Material r_material
  Individual contents,
Calculation formula, Fluid velocity, Pipe flanges,
Saturated steam table, Property of gas and liquid,
Vapour pressure and viscosity of liquid,
Units conversion table
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