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Corporate Information
Corporate Information
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blue tri Safety Relief Valves, Relief Valves
blue tri Temperature Regulating Valves
blue tri Expansion Joints
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Tateo Fujishima/ President

FUSHIMAN, which has been an expert in the field of fluid control techniques for over one century, has a history which is said to effectively reflect the history of the Japanese valve industry itself.
FUSHIMAN's high grade products which contributed to industrial development have been highly evaluated over decades, due to the knowledge accumulated from long-term manufacturing experience.
Today, environmentally-friendly techniques are required and FUSHIMAN with its experience and specialization has been well-placed to respond to these needs.
With this advantage FUSHIMAN hopes to expand it's business on a global sale.
■Company Outline
Company Name: FUSHIMAN CO.,LTD.
Established: 1950(Founded 1902)
President: Tateo Fujishima
Employees: 123 as of July 1, 2023
Main Business:
Design and Manufacture of Automatic Valves (Regulating Valves, Control Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Traps, etc.) and Various Types of Valves including Expansion Joint and Strainers.
Head office: 2nd Floor, Keihin Higashioi Bldg. 2-13-8, Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 140-0011, Japan
Tel +81-3-5767-4200 Fax +81-3-5767-4181
Fukushima factory: Koyodai 6-3, Funehiki-Machi, Tamura-City, Fukushima 963-4318, Japan
Tokyo Head office p2 Fukushima factory p2
Tokyo Head officeFukushima factory
Location of FUSHIMAN head office and sales offices
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■Fukushima Factory
Advanced technology production system harmonized with traditional techniques.
New and updated systems produce reliable products.
Production machines Test facilities Noise examination
Production machinesTest facilitiesNoise examination
■High quality and excellent performance products
FUSHIMAN's high quality and excellent performance products can match and satisfy all customers' requests.
all products p
Main products
Pressure Reducing Valves, Back Pressure Regulating Valves
Safety Relief ValvesTemperature Regulating ValvesTraps
Expansion JointsLevel Switches, Level Regulating ValvesStrainers
■World wide customer
FUSHIMAN's products have been exported throughout the world.
Our customers have been satisfied by our high quality and excellent performance.
Our products are in use at the following facilities:
Chemical, Power and Petroleum Plants
Tire Factories
Pharmaceutical Factories
Buildings, Offices
Air Ports
Amusement Parks
Countries to which our products
have been exported
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