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Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
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title_Environmental Policy
FUSHIMAN endeavours to act with constant regard to the effects on human health and the environment.
We aim to develop environmentally-friendly products.
FUSHIMAN endeavours to saving energy, use resources efficiently and improve workplace standards with the effect on the environment a constant concern.

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Environmental Policy
Fushiman implements socially required environmental performance consisting of positive environmental improvement and prevention of environment pollution, by means of providing production & service activities and the products while introducing PDCA, and improves efficency of environmental management system(EMS).
These are the important activities to follow:
(1)Development of the environmental products based on flow control
(2)Effective use of available energy.
(3)environmental activities by every employees involved.
(4)Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and social requirements
We implement and sustain this environmental policy, and make it known to
every employees and disclose it to public.
blank February 1st, 2011
Tateo Fujishima/President
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