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Corporate Information
Corporate Information
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(Taisho era)

Type 26 Pressure Reducing
Valve (Showa era)
1902 Yoshitaro Fujishima founded FUJISHIMA WORKS Ltd.
specializing in manufacturing valves at Shiba Saionji-Cho, Tokyo.
1923 Moved to Ohi Ito-Cho, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
1937 Re-named FUSHIMAN WORKS Co., LTD.
1950Dissolved FUSHIMAN WORKS Co., Ltd. and established a new company named FUSHIMAN Co., Ltd. at Morigasaki, Tokyo.
1975Became sole selling agent in Japan for GESTRA AG, Germany.
1997 Acquired ISO 9001.
2002Moved head office to Tokai, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
Constructed a new factory at Tamura-City, Fukushima.
Morigasaki factory was closed.
2011 Acquired ISO 14001.
Established FUSHIMAN VALVE TRADE (Shanghai) Co.,LTD.
2013 Moved head office to Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
2020 Acquired ISO 27001.
■Origin of the Company Name
The company name originates from the family name of the founder, Yoshitaro Fujishima. Ironically for our 100% “Made in Japan” products, our company name is “Made in Germany”. In the Taisho era(1912~1926) a German salesman pronounced “Fujishima” as “FUSHIMAN” which was eventually adopted as the company name.
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